In her own words...

My name is Selinah Amagove Sambuli

I was born on the 9th .November 1991 in Nairobi, Kenya.

However, my parents come from a place called Jeptoroli  Village, Gisambai sub location, Hamisi District in Western Kenya.

We are of mixed tribe, my grandfather is of the Kalenjin tribe but my grandmother a Luhya.  We cannot speak the two languages of our parents because we were born and raised in Nairobi. My 4 siblings and I communicate in Kiswahili and English.

I went to Maasai Girls High school for my first year, we call that here form one.  In Nairobi we do not usually live at home when we attend high school.  Here I was often sick because of contaminated borehole water so my parents decided to transfer me to Lockwood Girls High School in Nakuru. I studied at Lockwood for 3 years and did my first exam in the year 2009.  I sat for my final set of exams last year and attained the following grades;

English B, Kiswahili B-, Christian Religious Education C+, Geography C, Physics D+, Chemistry D+, Biology C, Maths D and this brought a mean grade of C.

Because of my success with grades and my contribution to school life I was accepted at Uganda Christian University in the batchelor of mass communications program.  I want to be a journalist.  There are many reasons why  I have chosen this course and this university.

I was born when my parents were very poor and life was very harsh. My experience was different  from my siblings. They were born when Dad and Mum were working and life became bearable. They have never tasted what we went through. This has made me appreciate life and whatever is done to me is very much special.  I consider myself a role model for my siblings and for others.

When I was at Maasai Girls, there were two other girls from Cheryl’s Children’s Home there as well.  We all moved to Lockwood, studied together and wrote the exams together. My dad used to do the same shopping for us all and gave us equal pocket money and drove us to school in the same car. To date, Cheryl’s Children  are my great friends.  I am proud of my father and what he has taught me through his actions. 

I want a place to settle and focus on my studies. I dearly need someone to help me achieve this dream because of my Dad’s health condition. He has spent his savings on medication. Though we have witnessed a huge positive sign of relief, he will take some time to come back to his financial stability.

It has been my passion to venture into Journalism, mostly Television. I know this is my delicate stage at life and with my concentration on my studies I can make a better life for myself and for others. I do not want to be a poor woman at the end but would want to help give back to society. I would also wish as the first born, to unlock doors for my siblings. They will work hard to achieve a better life.


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