The Nomad2Nomad World

Take us to your world with NOMAD2NOMAD and we will travel together to create a history that no one will ever have need to alter.

NOMAD2NOMAD is an active, moving place where we are part of the process to make happen a better world. All that really matters in the long run is the degree to which what we say and do changes the world.

We will explore what is happening in society from multiple levels and from different perspectives. This critical perspective requires that we go beyond to create something new. NOMAD2NOMAD is not simply speaking, it is the creation of a new way to be in this world. And as we are nomads, we will not settle down and stay. We will continue to travel. We will continue to move about in an ever better world.

History is not only the past. It is right here, right now. And it is the future.


  • Connect to Individuals and Groups

    If you are working with a project that is a part of the Nomad2Nomad World or if you wish to join, Nomad2Nomad is the place to take the lead and to connect with those traveling in a similar direction. Join forces with others and make change happen.

  • Become a Nomad

    Accept that there may be no one ‘right’ way but multiple ways to approach change and work with others. Begin in the place you stand then become a nomad. Experiment. Lead a project. Join up. No effort is too small.

  • Raise Awareness

    Speak out and call others to action. ‘Write upon the pages of history that which you wish them to say.’ Nomad2Nomad is a place to find others and encourage them to take action with you. Your voice is strong.

  • Believe that a Better World is Possible

    As long as we have children, believing in ourselves, our societies and our planet is the only alternative. Take action now!

Music for Change

Music for Change

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A few years ago my son sent his little cello to the middle east. I don’t remember the organization responsible for collection but I do remember that the instruments were destined for a school music program. The cello was battle weary, had traveled from Canada to France and was well loved. Through it Isaac found peace. I often wonder if another child fell in love with the sound that a cello makes because of this program. Using music to bring about change is exciting but finding something where the process is to be so enjoyed makes this particular journey very special. Lead the project Music for Change or join and find your soulmates.

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