The Power of One

I understand religion or at least organized religion as a means to help us ‘explain’ things. It gives us strength when things are tough, hope when we seem powerless and calm when we are most afraid. Religion has a place in most people’s lives. Yet in the end if we do not believe that we can make a difference, if our vote counts, if our words have meaning, then we are in very real danger for doing nothing.  We would forget the power of one in addition to the power of many.

As with the case of religion, I do not necessarily need the structure and formality of educational institutions which, it might be argued, sometimes encourage us to question less as opposed to the converse.  Rather I believe in teaching the next generation to think.  To really think is to examine multiple worldviews, why they are created and what meaning they give to ourselves, our society and our planet. Putting it all together represents real thought.

This brings me to Selinah.  Selinah has been accepted to university in Uganda and her resources to pay are nonexistent. Selinah would say that God has a plan. I cannot prove otherwise.  I can say unequivocally that if we do nothing for her, she will not go on to study and perhaps that is by divine plan.  I would not say it is her plan or that of her parents.  All concerned know that the best shot at truly effecting change is to be educated, to have a voice and find a forum.

I am working with Selinah on a plan.  She wants to study journalism.  With the help of others I will help her pay for it and I will give her a forum.  Stay tuned with this blog.  Her story follows.  

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