Cheryl's Update

Silent for while, I know.  But silence is ok when there is not a lot to say.


 I am working on a website for Cheryls as their’s has been lost…ideas abound in Kenya but technology and credible webhosting companies do not.  It is just easier to do in Canada...most things are easier. Hopefully I will have a ‘new and improved’ website up and running for them in the very near future.


With the help of kindred spirits there is a connection in the works…letter writing between students of an area school in Brockville, Ontario and those at Cheryl’s learning centre.  This is in keeping with the ethos ( I say not mission) of this website.  It is to open new doors for women, kindred men and children, to open up spaces for  them to think in different ways and to be able to write these thoughts and share them with others who might ‘seem’ to be so different…


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